College Dating

By Marilyn Crockett

It was a relief to return to school.  I had broken up with Jim but who or what would be next?  Actually I had thought I had broken up with Jim even before I left for college but now I had broken up with him again for good this time, I guessed.  There was a coke date with Bill Hemphill.  It was nothing, but then again it must have been something because I did remember his name.  Continue reading


By Marilyn Crockett

Thanksgiving is the traditional time for a break-up from the boyfriend or girlfriend left behind.  But it is also the time for a critical look at the home and family left behind. In 1959 amid the noise, crowd and smoke of Union Station in Chicago Illinois, I met my family, who drove me home away from my new life at Monmouth College.  Neither parent greeted me with great enthusiasm.  That was their way and was expected.  My sister Sue was still overweight and greeted me wistfully, but we didn’t seem to talk much.  Arriving, the outside of the house looked fine, a brick twenties, bungalow on a pleasant curved street lined with the mature Elms of Elmwood Park, the Chicago suburb that had been my home for all of my eighteen years.    Continue reading

Fearless and Fear

By Lydia LaFleur


     There she was on the stage of a large theater in Tokyo – my granddaughter Emma – singing, dancing, acting, completely at home, and delightful in Stephen Sondheim’s musical “Merrily We Roll Along.”   In Japanese, of course, so I didn’t understand a word of it, but no matter, it was thrilling to see Emma, in her first stage role and the female lead, totally in command, as if she had been performing for years.  From her first entrance, I knew I had nothing to worry about.  I saw that Emma had the confidence I had never possessed.  But think again, think back, remember……… Continue reading