Summer Job

handbookOrange workersBy Ann Tholfsen

My house in Pine Plains was recently sold. A large carton full of memory books and pictures from my past now is overfilling a foot locker in my bedroom, so I have gradually been throwing away items which I feel are either duplicates {loose snapshots of babies for example.)  My children all take pictures of every stage of their children’s development.  I kept a memory book for all my years of school and camp and there are many items that I have been able to throw away.  However, there are other items that bring back memories which I haven’t thought about for years, which I had completely forgotten. Continue reading

A Very Unfunny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To Janow Polaski

By Harry Arpadi

The same company, Animex which provided the US with Polish ham and other meat products, also provided the world with highly respected Polish- Arabian horses. These horses are not race horses. They are three-quarter the size of regular horses and are raised as show horses. Somewhat like dogs who are raised and groomed to appear at dog shows. At auctions, some of these beautiful horses were sold for millions of dollars. I could not tell the difference between one horse or the other. They all look alike to me. Continue reading

Experiences with Some Clients Chapter One: “Humphrey Hilton”

By Frank W. Munzer, FAIA

As architectural clients are, for the most part, real people and for some reasons there are a few things I have said to some during my 32 year career I remember clearly and now will tell you about one such client who was thrust upon me by surprise.

As one grows in the architectural business you find that with more experience you have closer relations with some clients than others and I have had some of the silliest things happen or asked of me and responded to by me. Continue reading

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