My Father

By Marilyn Crockett

My single word description of my father is “distant.”  And I don’t really know much about him.  The early history comes through my mother.  It seems he was born in Superior Wisconsin of immigrant parents from Norway.  There was, and still is as far as I know, an immigrant route through the St. Lawrence seaway and the Great Lakes, that helped populate the Midwest.  Nick and Lena Hansen traveled that route in about 1900 to Superior, Wisconsin, once described to me as the armpit of Duluth.  My father was born on March 31, 1905, prematurely, in a Catholic hospital.  The birth, Lena’s second as far as I know, was too fast and they didn’t make it to the municipal hospital.  He was swaddled and laid in a drawer and baptized St. Joseph as the Catholic nuns thought he would surely die.  He didn’t and was re-baptized Lutheran without the saint but retaining the single name Joseph.  Continue reading

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By Ellie Levin

I had been at Christie’s Auction Galleries several hours trying to keep up my spirits as I moved from Edouard Manet’s  painting “Le Printemps,” estimated at 25 million to 35 million, to some  paintings with lower estimates of Van Gogh, Monet, Mary Cassatt, Utrillo, Vlaminck, and other impressionist and post-impressionist painters. There was a bronze sculpture of a horse by Degas that I loved, lots of Picasso’s cubist work and late pottery, amazing just because of the beauty of his line. I had looked diligently at all the Joseph Cornell shadow boxes to honor my fond memory of going with my son Roger from the time he was seven or eight to see Cornell whose boxes filled with found objects intrigued the then young boy, and I was at Christie’s in memory of my late husband Jud for whom the Fall and Spring auctions were a must. “You will never get a chance Continue reading

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Inside Outside – Reflections on Raising Children


By Nancy Orans Eder

February 2015


I was a masquerader —

A fraud.

A fake disguise employing love and energy to smile

hiding the fact that my marriage was disintegrating

Inside. Continue reading

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