Hectic Time

By Hardison Geer

My friends urged me to get a new desk before my birthday, as my old one was breaking down. I ordered one on line and waited to hear something. Meanwhile I worked intermittently at getting ready for a birthday party on the 29th…officially my birthday is the 28th but it is highly likely that I was actually born on the 29th. A few days before the party I was informed the party would have to be delayed because Natasha had a wedding to shoot.

On the 28th I received a phone call that my desk would arrive on the 29th between 9 and 5 and I would receive a call half an hour before it came. Finally at 6:20 the call came. It would arrive in 15 minutes. I was worried about how I would handle it as it weighed 220 lbs. and was supposed to be left at the curbside. Fortunately the driver was sympathetic and, using a hand operated forklift, moved the carton from the truck into the lobby and the elevator. Leaving the forklift inn the lobby he rode up with me and helped me get it to my door. Very nice of him.

Instead of trying to get it into my living room I unpacked it in the in the hall and carried the parts in. Saturday I spent much of the day starting to assemble the desk. In the evening I had to get ready for church as Julie and I were going to The Greek Orthodox cathedral for Easter services. Julie was running late and we barely made it on time. As always the service ended late, and it was after 2:00 am when we retrieved her car from the lot and headed home. I pried myself out of bed in time for church at 11:00 but did not make it in time because the D train was running local and just creeping the first three or four stations. After church I went home and napped.

About 8 pm I watched the news on my phone and was shocked to learn that the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral on West 25th street was on fire. I posted something on Facebook and went to bed. I think they might need a small subsidy or two.

Today I arose and realized I have to get some thing ready for Susan. Well here it is.

Summer Job

handbookOrange workersBy Ann Tholfsen

My house in Pine Plains was recently sold. A large carton full of memory books and pictures from my past now is overfilling a foot locker in my bedroom, so I have gradually been throwing away items which I feel are either duplicates {loose snapshots of babies for example.)  My children all take pictures of every stage of their children’s development.  I kept a memory book for all my years of school and camp and there are many items that I have been able to throw away.  However, there are other items that bring back memories which I haven’t thought about for years, which I had completely forgotten. Continue reading

A Very Unfunny Thing Happened To Me On The Way To Janow Polaski

By Harry Arpadi

The same company, Animex which provided the US with Polish ham and other meat products, also provided the world with highly respected Polish- Arabian horses. These horses are not race horses. They are three-quarter the size of regular horses and are raised as show horses. Somewhat like dogs who are raised and groomed to appear at dog shows. At auctions, some of these beautiful horses were sold for millions of dollars. I could not tell the difference between one horse or the other. They all look alike to me. Continue reading