By Anita Rothfeld, a member of Get Your WordsWorth

Three weeks ago my son, Philip, came to visit after vacationing on Sanibel Island in Florida.  He deposited two tin boxes of sea shells on my table.

He said the larger box was his collection and I could have as many as I wished. I put Barb’s box aside and began looking at Philip’s collection.When I got to the second or third shell in Phil’s box, I found a small, lovely orange scallop. I put it aside.

Philip exclaimed, “Barb would like that one. She wants to decorate a mirror with colored scallop shells!”

I protested, “She’s been collecting shells – colored scallop shells – for the past thirty years!”

I continued looking and found some other nice shells instead. There were other colorful scallops, a fighting conch, and olive, a lightning whelk, a banded tulip, a murex, a nutmeg and some clams.

Then Phil said, “I had some big cockle shells that I gave to the cat sitter.”

So I said, “ I have cockle shells that Neil brought me from Sanibel Island the year before…”

Philip was happy to go home with two replacement cockle shells and I was happy with all my new shells and a visit.

  March 9, 2011

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