By Anita Rothfeld, a member of Get Your WordsWorth

I called to thank her for the Obama button she left in a bag on my doorknob.

I’m not sure how the ensuing conversation began  – but it went something like –

“My husband never called me darling. Everyone calls me Toni.

My name is really Tonia.

My husband called me — my —“

I couldn’t make out what she said. My hearing is so bad.

“He called me LASSIE – you know, like the dog in the movies.”

“Wasn’t your husband a Scotsman?” I asked. “Lass is a girl.

“He called you my girl.  In Scottish poetry Lassie means




You’ll find it in Robert Burns.

You’ll find it in old songs and stories.

You’ll even find it in Shakespeare.”

“I didn’t know that! I didn’t know that!” She said. “Thank you!”

       November 12, 2008

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