A Different Kind of Senior Moment

By Peggy Strait, a member of Get Your Wordsworth

I went to meet a friend of mine at the Angelika Theater last Friday afternoon.  He has a wonderful habit of always being at a place before I arrive, but on this occasion I was early.  As I entered the theater, I held the door open for the person walking in just behind me.  He was a tall, well-dressed, good-looking gentleman with an intelligent, kindly face.  I judged his age to be late sixties to mid seventies.  We walked into the lobby – then he turned to me and asked, “What movie are you going to?”  “Midnight in Paris,” I replied.  His face lit up.   “Wonderful!” he said, “I am going there, too!” “Like mind!” was my spontaneous response. 

Just then, my friend arrived and I discontinued the exchange with the stranger.  I told him about the incident.  He sized up the guy, standing now by the refreshment counter, and was reassuring.  “He’s all right – not a threat.  He thought you were alone and wanted your company.”

I am a recently widowed seventy eight year old woman.  This was a different kind of “senior moment”.

Author’s Bio: 

Peggy Strait is a widow, mother, grandmother, professor emerita of mathematics, and since joining “Writing From Life Experience” has broadened her interest in arranging numbers to include an interest in arranging words.


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Senior Moment

  1. Another case of less is more. Your very short story packs a thrill: a vulnerable 78 yer old widow and TWO attentive gentlemen. (Too bad you nor your date loved the movie; that’s not in the story you told. But I love your stories.) R.

  2. nancyeder says:

    Gee, Peggy, if you gather any more stray men, could you please pass one my way?

    Thanks for another colorful piece of your wonderful life.


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