Portraits of the Writers by Jaime Permuth

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Photographer Jamie Permuth spent a day last fall with the some of the members of Get Your Wordsworth.  Here, he shares with us their portraits as well as images from their homes and neighborhood.


2 thoughts on “Portraits of the Writers by Jaime Permuth

  1. Jeanette c says:

    Terrific -faces full of life just like their writing

  2. Ellen Morgan says:

    What wonderful photos! I especially like the first one (the urban gardener) but that might be construed as a somewhat biased opinion, given that she’s my sister! However, it’s great to see the faces of the many people composing the writing group as I’ve heard so much about everyone. I’m also inspired to do some writing myself after reading some of the pieces on the blog. In fact, I’d love to join the group, but the travel costs are a bit prohibitive (I live in London.) Guess I’ll just have to continue enjoying the group through the blog entries.

    My only disappointment is that the photos aren’t named, as it would be good to be able to put names to the faces.

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