Two poems

The Mulberry Tree

By Peggy Strait,  a member of Get Your Wordsworth

There is a mulberry tree at the edge of our dock, with branches leaning outward and over the waters of the Hudson River.

It was a warm summer day.

I stood in the shade of that Mulberry tree and ate mulberries as I picked them off the tree.  The branches shook and ripe black mulberries fell into the water.

Then I sat at the edge of the dock.   My feet were dangling just above the water.   I looked down and saw a wave cresting over the sharp edge of a rock just beneath the mulberry tree.

The rock moved!  It was not a rock!  It was a giant fish eating fallen mulberries from the tree. The fish was at least two and a half feet long and plump. I saw five or six more giant fish

I went into the house to get Roger.

We stood quietly beneath the tree and watched the giant fish swarming in the water just below and eating fallen mulberries from the tree.

We will not tell the fishermen what we saw.

Five Years Have Passed

By Elinor Levin, a member of Get Your Wordsworth

Five years have passed

believing he would come back

to run with me among the cherry trees.


Today I know he will not,

but the cherry trees do not know.


They bloom in profusion for him

below the reservoir

on the bridle path in Central Park.


He will not see their twisted silvery limbs,

their pink and white faces lifted up to the blue sky,

or run on the white carpet of fallen petals.



I give up memories of other springs

running among the cherry trees.

As I read of disaster in Boston, its marathon runners killed and maimed,

reasons unknown,

I think of the anger he would let fly

at those who would do

such a dastardly thing.


2 thoughts on “Two poems

  1. Jeanette Campbell says:

    I love how poems can capture so perfectly a moment or an emotion – beautifully done.

  2. I love the imagery, economy of language, the intense feeling your poetry evokes. I can only wish for more. Thank you for this moving invitation to your table. Rebecca

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