By Ellie Levin,  a member of Get Your Wordsworth

It was my husband Jud’s birthday, June 24th. We left our friend’s home in Maine early in the morning in order to get to Manhattan by evening.  Around four in the afternoon, Jud pulled into a McDonald’s parking space.

“If we just get a drink,” I said, “we can go to a really nice place for your birthday. I could see that he was not listening.  At the counter, he ordered two children’s plates.

“I don’t want one of those,” I mumbled.

“They are both for me. Order what you want,” was his instant reply.

I sat with my chicken salad, watching Jud look around the room to settle on a boy about four years old eating with his parents at a near-by table.  Jud smiled and the boy shyly smiled back.  Jud stood up, holding two toy cars that had come with his order, and while standing in back of the boy, he set the cars down for the boy to see.  The boy turned and looked up, up, up, all six feet, until he could see Jud’s smiling face. Then they both laughed.

Later that evening unpacking at home, I realized that Jud had celebrated his birthday in a way that was perfect for him.



One thought on “McDonald’s

  1. nancyeder says:

    Ellie, I love this piece: concise, alluring and visually arresting. I had to read it twice for the pleasure of the impact. You painted a piece of writing!

    Thank you!

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