Anya’s Thumbprints


Anya’s Thumbprints

Nancy Orans Eder



One eight-year-old granddaughter

One seventy-seven-year-old Nana

Two sticks of butter

One half cup of sugar

A bowl of patience

A bundle of enthusiasm

Sprinkled with joy — oh boy.


Two cups of flour

Keep it in the bowl

Don’t let it fly to the floor


One teaspoon of vanilla

Some apricot jam

Can’t help but think

How lucky

I am.


A few thumbs and fingers

— Sticky at times —

Go into the making of

These lines of rhymes.



And figures

Steady as you go

Just follow directions

Just go with the flow.


Hold that spoonful level

Check the measuring line

Sit straight on the chair


Pay attention to your elbow there.


Put into the fridge

Hold the tray steady

Cover and fold

Get the soft dough cold









Finally Anya’s thumbprints

Pressed into each ball

Filled with apricot jam

Popped in the oven

Bake them all

The cookies are leavened

They’re done in ten minutes

The scent is from heaven


Now write it

Erase it

Change the fraction

To half

First comes the draft

The final version is aft.


While cookies are baking

Sweep up the bits from the floor

Left in the path

Of two happy people making cookies as planned

We’ve got enough recipes to beat the band.


A recipe book is brewing

We’re cooking with steam

It won’t be long now

We have a fond dream.


Markers and pens

Measuring spoons and cup

Parchment papers all crumpled

There’s a lot to clean up.


Cookie pans and

mixer blades collide

with spatulas and knives

butter wrappers and

jam pots


Fly into the sink

The oven is heating

Our cheeks have turned pink.


It’s hot in the kitchen

Anya is through

The cookies come out lovely

What else can we do?

Complete the page with a drawing

Let the cookies cool on the counter

Eat one Gobble two

We are done for today.


The cookies will be devoured

The memory shall fade

But for now we are happy

The cookies are made.



3 thoughts on “Anya’s Thumbprints

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lots of fun is this light verse!

  2. Delicious! Smells inviting! Sounds enticing! The divine taste of happiness! Thank you.

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