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By Ellie Levin

I had been at Christie’s Auction Galleries several hours trying to keep up my spirits as I moved from Edouard Manet’s  painting “Le Printemps,” estimated at 25 million to 35 million, to some  paintings with lower estimates of Van Gogh, Monet, Mary Cassatt, Utrillo, Vlaminck, and other impressionist and post-impressionist painters. There was a bronze sculpture of a horse by Degas that I loved, lots of Picasso’s cubist work and late pottery, amazing just because of the beauty of his line. I had looked diligently at all the Joseph Cornell shadow boxes to honor my fond memory of going with my son Roger from the time he was seven or eight to see Cornell whose boxes filled with found objects intrigued the then young boy, and I was at Christie’s in memory of my late husband Jud for whom the Fall and Spring auctions were a must. “You will never get a chance Continue reading

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By Ellie Levin

Morningside Gardens                                                                           February 2015

Dear Jud,

It’s snowing today.  I remember in 1982 when you came here from New Jersey through the snow.  After dinner you insisted on going to Lincoln Center to see an Italian film, “The Night of the Shooting Stars.” It is such a beautiful, hopeful film about friendship between Americans and Italians in a small town during World War II.

Yesterday I went to see some old film footage made by two sisters, probably twins; it was called “Margarete” as that was the first name on some envelopes in the box where the films were found.  Janek Turkowski on a hike a few years ago, stepped over the Polish border into East Germany and just for fun bought the films at a flea market. After he began to look at them he wanted to know who made them and why. It became the center of his work in theatre in Poland. He couldn’t find out how the films got to the flea market dealer. He did find Margarete with the help of a friend fluent in German. He went to see her. She was 99 years old, and in a nursing home. She could see just enough of the films to authenticate them. Continue reading

Water, Water Everywhere

By Ellie Levin

When I think of summer I dream of boating and swimming and lazy days in Maine sitting on a terrace gazing at the sound at Fireside, Falmouth, with so many sailboats looking like white birds resting; I also think of the artificial lake, glassy calm, blue-grey, or mud colored other days, fed by cold springs, in Forestburgh, New York. This summer I added the canals of Amsterdam and the Amstel River. My photographs are of the water of the Amstel in its many moods. In one image it is green and rippled on one side of trays of floating gardens. And on the other side, a delicate blue, made of many colors like an impressionist painting. Continue reading