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Experiences with Some Clients Chapter One: “Humphrey Hilton”

By Frank W. Munzer, FAIA

As architectural clients are, for the most part, real people and for some reasons there are a few things I have said to some during my 32 year career I remember clearly and now will tell you about one such client who was thrust upon me by surprise.

As one grows in the architectural business you find that with more experience you have closer relations with some clients than others and I have had some of the silliest things happen or asked of me and responded to by me. Continue reading

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My Memorial Day 2014

By Frank Munzer

It was the Sunday Before Memorial day 2014 when I decided I would like to see the Aircraft Carrier Intrepid which is part of the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum complex next to a pier on the Hudson River and now where they have the Concorde, the commercial jet that flew at an altitude of 60,000 feet nearly double the altitude that commercial jets now fly. I thought that now that I live in New York City again I would see these most important ship and air craft. Continue reading

Completing My First Year Back in New York City and Living in Morningside Gardens

By Frank Munzer

To me Morningside Gardens is a true garden. Let me tell you why I feel like this. After living here for the past 12 months I have come to realize that we live on a rock covered site where once stood small homes some of whose remains can still be seen if one looks hard. To me it is now a piece of property and on it we have six apartment buildings, a parking garage, and beautiful tree covered walks between apartments, upper and lower lawn areas, flower lined walks with flower plantings and ground cover plantings with shrubs strategically planted as well as fern covered rocks outcroppings. There are benches along the walkways where the sitter has views of the (my forest) trees, shrubs and so many plantings. These are great places to sit, relax and enjoy the views and at times meditate and think of all we have here at Morningside. Continue reading