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Adopting a Positive Attitude towards Life Experience

By Lydia Zhang, a member of Get Your Wordsworth

Life is full of ups and downs. In order to make life meaningful and enjoyable, there is a need to adopt a positive (and productive) attitude towards various experiences in life; one needs to look back and look around very often, summarizing personal and other people’s experiences, so as to draw lessons and inspirations. Such an attitude is beneficial, because it helps us meet challenges courageously, overcome difficulties, keep an open mind, and learn new things and enrich ourselves on a continuous basis.

A recent get-together with some of my childhood friends, who came from China to visit New York, revealed episodes of such a positive attitude. These friends—-Ming, Pang-Pang, and Grace—-and I grew up together in Beijing. We have kept our friendship, and we often exchange ideas with the type of long-lasting trust that can only be found among childhood friends. Continue reading

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